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Build scalability into your applications with cost-effective messaging and notification. Give your cloud-centric applications the flexibility that Internet-scale services require.

ARN Server Message Queue streamlines intra-application and inter-system communications, giving you more power to scale applications and workflows whenever, however needed.

High Scalability

High Scalability
One-to-many paradigm for independent modules or systems to communicate..


Full-featured REST API, and support for Ruby, Python, Java, and PHP.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use Simple interface integrated with ARN Server Web portal provides real time monitoring and control.

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Example Use Cases

Online Photo and Video Sharing Applications

Real-time Weather, Stock, or Score Services

Distribute time-sensitive information or updates automatically from any application to end users on desktop widgets or mobile devices in real time.

Online Photo and Video Sharing Applications
Automate workflows including image or video import, album or channel generation, asset transcoding or conversion, and distributed rendering.
Real-time Weather, Stock, or Score Services
E-commerce and Online Banking
File and Record Archiving
Streamline auto-archiving workflows for emails, company records, and files or documents that have to be retained for legal or business purposes.
E-commerce and Online Banking
Aggregate and batch process similar transactions to consolidate computing time, optimize application usage, and give end users a faster transaction experience.
File and Record Archiving

How does it work?

ARN Server Message Queue allows a piece of an application or an independent software system to put messages into a queue, where those messages wait for another piece of the application or software system to retrieve and process the message.

Additionally, Message Queue serves as a notification broker, delivering one notification to many other application pieces or independent software systems. The notification is not queued; it is instantly sent to all pieces of an application that are subscribed to receive it.

ARN Server Message Queue is available for applications running on servers or on any other infrastructure at ARN Server. The service can be used and accessed by any computer connected to the Internet, and is not bound to one provider or network. This means your messages and notifications are delivered unhindered, regardless of a user's platform or network.

ARN Server Message Queue is run on a full-featured, easy-to-use REST API, making it a quick and easy option for new and seasoned developers.

Get Started with Message Queue

Securely view messages and edit queues in the Customer Portal by selecting Message Queue from the Services dropdown menu. From the Message Queue screen, select the Message Queue ID you wish to access to view more details. Once inside, you can also view usage graphs to better help understand how and when Message Queue is being used.

First 100,000 message (per month) FREE
First 100,000 notifications (per month) FREE
Additional Message Requests $.01/10,000
Additional Notifications $.01/10,000
Message Queue API
Interact programmatically with Message Queue to streamline and automate your applications.
The ARN Server Development Network is your one-stop shop for the technical information you need to innovate on ARN Server.
Message Queue FAQ
Have questions about Message Queue? We’ve got answers, and you won’t have to wait.
Build higher scalability into your applications with cost-effective messaging and notification.