Simplify your infrastructure management..

A single set of controls for all ARN Server infrastructure that can be accessed via API, Web portal, or mobile application make server management and account administration quick and easy.

If you’re like us, and you love managing cloud infrastructure, you’ll love how feature-rich and functional each of these tools make even the most difficult management tasks user friendly.


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The customer portal provides direct and total access and control of your infrastructure..


Dedicated VoIP Server
Leverage our robust API to streamline and automate manual tasks.


Dedicated Linux Server The customer portal and API provide secure access via SSL Web-based administration over the Internet

To learn more about our The ARN Server API,

Meet the industry's most comprehensive open API.

Our open application programming interface (API) provides system-to-system access with more than 2,200 documented methods across 180 discrete services. Supports SOAP and XML-RPC interfaces, and fully integrates with any third-party or custom application.
Dedicated VoIP Server
Cloud Server

Customer Portal

Control everything in your ARN Server environment with a few clicks.

The ARN Server customer portal is our easy-to-use Web interface for remotely managing your ARN Server services and account. The portal gives you complete access to more than 200 services, giving you control over everything in your ARN Server environment, including the ability to:

  • View performance details and control all functions of your bare metal and virtual servers, easily turn a server off or on, view bandwidth graphs, ping servers to test network availability, reboot, and much more.
  • Manage your account, set up billing information, change monthly billing methods, reset your password, or add new users to your ARN Server account.
  • Deploy servers, firewalls, new backup solutions, and anything else you’d like to add to your environment on demand.
  • Get support in real time by chatting with our support team, submit support tickets, and view valuable technical tutorials and information.

The customer portal is built on our robust API. If you have your own portal or server control system, you can integrate any of our portal features into your own system using our API as well.

Mobile Applications

Keep your cloud infrastructure in your pocket.

The ARN Server mobile app keeps you connected and in control of your ARN Server services. A full range of management functions put your infrastructure right at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Functionality includes:

  • Tickets: Need help but not in the office? Quickly create a new ticket for a support request or examine existing support tickets and check their statuses.
  • Servers: View performance details and control basic functions for your bare metal or virtual servers. Easily turn a server off or on, ping the server to test its network availability, or reboot.
  • Bandwidth: Monitor the bandwidth usage of your ARN Server bare metal servers, virtual servers, and virtual dedicated racks.
Mobile Application
Automation & Control
How do we do it? Get an inside look at the automation we’ve built into the SoftLayer platform.
Get Started with ARN Server
Choose and configure a bare metal or virtual server to get a firsthand look at these controls.
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