Direct Link

Get the connection.

Simplify, secure, and speed up data transfer between your private infrastructure and your ARN Server services. Or create a new hybrid solution that leverages the best of your in-house resources and the ARN Server platform. .

Plug into ARN Server’s private network with a Direct Link in any of our network points of presence (PoPs), and enjoy unparalleled network performance to and from your servers in any of our data centers around the world.

Work Smart

Cloud serverTake advantage of advanced load balancing functionality and application-aware health monitoring.


Dedicated Server Rent Improve application performance by up to five times with compression, caching and optimization.

Add Security

Dedicated VoIP Server Protect applications and data from attack and facilitate information security compliance..

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Popular Use Cases

VoIP server Rent

Fully Integrated Hybrid Environment
Blur the lines between on-prem and off-prem resources. With a high speed, direct network link between your data centers and ours, you can move data between servers (literally) at the speed of light.

Dedicated Windows Server

Frequent (and Massive) Backup and Storage
Back up or store huge volumes of data from your corporate data centers on your SoftLayer infrastructure (or the other way around) without paying us a cent for bandwidth. And because you have a dedicated network connection, your transfer rates will be fast, consistent, and reliable

Dedicated Server Provider

Super-Secure Data
Customers moving sensitive financial, health, or government-regulated data to and from our cloud platform can further ensure its security by completely avoiding exposure to the public Internet at all times.

Making the Connection

Making the Connection

Establishing a Direct Link connection to ARN Server is simple: Extend your on-premises network into one of our available network PoP locations and cross-connect your router to ours, and we'll enable a private and secure 1Gbps or 10Gbps connection to your ARN Server servers across the private network.

With this connection, you’ll have unfettered access to your servers on the ARN Server platform. And because you’re connected to our private network, all traffic across your Direct Link and between your servers in all of our data centers is free and unmetered.


Direct Link is available in 20 network points of presence around the world. Choose where you want to link up to the ARN Server private network, and let’s get connected.

Get Started

To order a Direct Link, navigate to the “Network” tab in the customer portal and select the “Direct Link” option. You’ll answer a few simple questions about the requested connection, and our sales team will respond with the technical details you need to know.
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